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otherwise all user form that PC will be Banded or Suspended.

PTC is one of the easiest way to earn money online. But 97% existing PTC sites are SCAM.
Here we share for you our notes of the best and currently paying PTC site with payment proofs. Updated DAILY.

Neo Bux 5th Payment $6.27
Recommended Sites
All the sites below have payment proof available on their forums. I use these sites and can recommend them!

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Through these programs you get paid to access the sites that pay an amount of money.
Amounts that get paid to view a particular site may vary from one site to another.

Everything is very simple and everyone stands to gain from it. Websites need traffic visitors win and we get some of the money they pay them at sites that are enrolled. If you have friends, colleagues and they will make money on the internet, you can invite them to join and FREE sites that have an account. At this moment he will win for him and for your biggest secret of winning is to have as many people invited to the site. So how much are more people who want to make money on the internet, but those who are enrolled early will earn more. Do not waste time and register.

In Right side have a list of some sites that are part of the PTC. Click on the banner to register!

Once registered, things are very simple:

a) login to the site.
b) Click on the section: "Surf Ads" or "ads" or "View Ads" where you will see a list of links.
c) Click on the link and wait until the first click will be validated. (Usually 30 seconds)
d) Close window and continue with these links.
e) after collecting the minimum amount of payment, please Payout will receive virtual money in your bank account.

Bangladeshi user use only AlertPay. PayPal doesn't work in BD.

For virtual bank you can use:

1. PayPal

2. Alertpay

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